Saiba quem somos e o que fazemos melhor.
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Our mission


Photographer with a lot of passion!
Photographer with technical and aesthetic quality.
Photographer with the aim of customer's order.
Photographer with the wisdom of experience and searching gaze of a child.
I shoot, listen, learn, re-shoot, observe, relearn and re-shoot better.
Photographer with the searching gaze, the purpose of ordering, the accuracy of the technique and always with great passion!

Quem somos?
So who are we?


My name is Mario Brandao and I am a photographer by heart! Since early days I remember my father with his Canon camera and the magical evenings projecting slides in our living room. At the age of 12 my mother gave me my grandfathers camera, a Kodak Brownie. Since then I never stoped taking pictures. At 18 I bought my first SLR, a Canon of course, and at 20 my first black and white lab. I became a professional photographer in 1991 after 36 months studying photography in Brussels while working as an assistant photographer for some of the greatest photographers at the time. Photography is my way of living and I live to photograph!

O que dizem os clientes
What clients say


Um pouco da nossa historia
Our History

Attend a photography course "Chefe d'Entreprise-Photographe" at INFAC in Brussels at night and working full time as an assistant photographer, mainly in the area of product photography for advertising. From cars, bottles of wine or people, on white background or complex scenarios, an intense and rich learning experience.
Establish myself as a professional photographer working on an individual basis with companies in the areas of Braga, Porto and Northern Portugal.
Invited by Fnac to run a Fnac Service Shop I accepted the challenge for 5 years.
Patamar D Imagens is born, within the evolution of my activity, associated with a project of a shop where photography and interior decoration are one.
Start contributing as a freelance photographer for
Establish my residency in the city of Porto where today I base my professional activity working for companies and individuals in various areas and disciplines. See my portfolio.

Redes Sociais
Social Profiles